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Who I Am

Fight Forr Fitness

Hi I'm April, the business owner of Fight Forr Fitness. I created my business to help those who want to fight for a healthier lifestyle. Being a Personal Fitness Trainer for ten  years, I have trained all walks of life. I'm a certified USA Boxing Coach for non competitive athletes and train clients interested in learning boxing. I am the founder of After Dark – a high energy night club themed boxing class. I volunteer for Rock Steady Boxing, a program designed for clients with Parkinson’s disease. On my down time I enjoy riding my bike, hikes, swimming, and have participated in a few fun 5k races. My hobbies include cooking, reading, interior home projects and I look forward to spending time with friends and family. My love for animals has welcomed a houseful of furry friends!

Bus Lic # 166799




USA Boxing Coach L1

TRX Functional Training

Specialize in:

Weight Loss/Muscle gain

Functional Training

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Beginner Boxing



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