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Strategies for Losing Weight!

First step is to come up with a plan of action!

Routines keep people on track. Creating new routines typically takes a few weeks to become apart of your everyday life.

Get up in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast and prepare for the day ahead.

Everyone needs a purpose, a reason, what drives you to do what you do. If you need to lose weight, create a purpose around it with a deadline. Maybe theres a trip you want to take that involves showing more skin, or theres a lot of walking so you need to build up your endurance, maybe someones wedding is coming up, maybe its yours! Maybe the Dr told you you need to lose or else you will begin to have health issues or you already have health issues and its life or death we are now talking about...

Second step is creating baby steps, small goals, weekly goals to keep you motivated.

Create a daily routine. From waking up to going to sleep. Prep your meals ahead of time with snacks. During a pandemic many are at home and dressed for at home. Make sure when you go for a walk, or run errands you put a little pep in your step by dressing up a little more. It will make you feel better and less want to ignore your weight loss goals hiding in sweat pants and sweat shirts.

Start reading up on healthy foods to prepare at home and start cooking! Hate cooking? Bakersfield is quite unique compared to other cities by offering a ton of local meal prepped places! Believe me, I have clients all over and many towns/cities lack meal prep places. Bummer! But dont let that deter you!

Start scheduling when you aim to work out for the day. Early am riser, mid day, or after work in the evening. Find online classes, go for bike rides or walks and hikes outside if your gym is closed. Make a space at home to "get away". Put on some good workout music and get into a workout outfit!

Schedule when you will go to sleep and when you will wake up. Monday through Friday stick to this. Weekends be a little more flexible but not too crazy as you want to be able to get back to your weekday schedule by Sunday evening.

Third step is managing stress. If its meditation or prayer. Find time each time, in a place removed from the loudness of a busy day. Go for a walk or a quiet place in your home for at least 15 minutes. Put on some soothing sounds, dim the lights or bundle up and go for a brisk walk and lose your thoughts in nature.

Dont eat or drink before bed. Its added calories and can disrupt your sleep.

Losing 1-2 lbs a week is doable if you know how. Eating less, eating right, and moving more! Remember your body either burns it, stores it, or uses it and discards what cant be used. Track your progress biweekly or every 30 days. Our bodies weight fluctuates on a daily basis so getting excited one day you lose 5lbs and the next day you gained it back is only working against you. Water tends to fluctuate. Real results take time and consistency. Grab a fabric measuring tape and measure your chest, waist and ladies your booty, guys around your hips. These are the best indicators to seeing change!

Leave the past in the past and focus on a fresh new start for 2021! You got this!!!

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